The area between the fire lanes outside the main garage building is reserved for participants who have rented garages. A parking pass for your windshield will be issued. Vehicles parked in this area without a pass will be asked to move. If you have a garage you are NOT guaranteed to park in front of your garage. You are not even guaranteed you will get to park in that lane. Parking there is first come, first served. With that being said, be respectful to other participants. This parking area is reserved for parking trailers. Please do no put tents up and use it for socializing (that is what the garage is for).

  • DON’T FUEL YOUR CAR INSIDE THE GARAGE. Move it outside the garage to add fuel. Anybody that is seen adding fuel to the car inside the garage will be removed from the garage and no refunds will be issued.  DO NOT STORE FUEL INSIDE THE GARAGES during the day or overnight.
  • You will be sharing a garage with other people, some of you know your garage mates, most don’t. Be respectful and make a plan with you garage mates. There may be a couple people that we have to have move from one day to the next. We hope to not have to do any moving and it it does happen it will be limited to 3 at most unless the track decides they need to close a garage. We won’t ask you to move unless there is no other option. Please be flexible.
  • Except for one set of 3 garages, there is a wall between every other garage and there is a shared restroom in each “pair” of garages.
  • Garage numbers are small on the paddock side. Look for a list of garage assignments at the event- this may change from the last set emailed to you
  • Parking your trailer in the paddock area behind the garages is first come, first served. You are not guaranteed to park your rig in front of your garage. Be respectful of other garage renters and parking. If you are unhooking your tow rig, try to park you rig elsewhere during the day and walk to your garage. The paddock is compressed in the middle and parking space in the middle of the garage area is at a premium.  All trailer jacks and motorhome jacks MUST use boards for pads to protect the asphalt.  A limited number of pad/boards may be available at the event along the paddock side of the garages.  Pads should be 10″ x 10″ or larger.
  • You MAY enter the grid from your garage (unless we announce otherwise at the event). If the grid is already past your garage then you must go around and enter the the grid from the back. If you choose to enter grid via your garage, please do so at 5 mph MAX as there will be a lot of foot traffic and cross vehicle traffic.
  • Just like the caring for the paddock asphalt, please take the same (or better) care of the garage floors.  At the end of the day/weekend please pickup all of your trash and place it in the trash barrels.