In addition to the other documentation provided on this site, here is a list of the common questions we’re getting asked and the answers you’ve been looking for!

With the sheer amount of questions coming in, we can’t get a personal response to all questions.  Please read the website before sending an email with a question.  Most questions are answered somewhere on this website.  Some questions will be answered at the drivers meeting or will be in your registration packet.

Texas Trifecta FAQs
Please refer to the following documents as the questions being asked are covered in this document.

  1. What can/should I wear?  On track activities REQUIRE long pants made of cotton and closed-toe shoes. This is also the required attire for the cold pits. You may wear whatever you like in the paddock area behind the garages.
  2. When can participants get into the track and unload?  When can they get into their garages?  
    6 to 9pm Thursday, Friday 6:30am.  Similar times apply Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Can early arrival students or instructors (Thursday evening) drop their cars/trailers in the paddock or parking area Thursday evening or during the day on Friday?  If not, when?  Gates open for participants at 6pm Thursday evening.  You can line up at noon on Thursday for entry at 6pm.
  4. What do drivers/ instructors need to know about bringing guests into the track?  Any age restrictions?
    There are no age restrictions when bringing somebody to the track. However, if the guest is under 18 you MUST fill out a Minor Waiver.  You MUST print this out in COLOR and you MUST HAVE BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS SIGN IT. Yes this needs to be done AHEAD of time as we realize both parents probably won’t be there.
  5. Where can guests go / not go?  Where can they sit to watch the sessions?  Can they be in the garages if accompanying a driver/ instructor?  Guests may be in the paddock, on the outside at turn 1, and the road leading to tunnel 2 at the back straight.  You may NOT cross the spectator bridges (i.e. over the esses to the outside of turn 3.  No guests/visitors are permitted to spectate in the hot pit area on the track side of the garages.  Guests can visit drivers in the garages if accompanied by a driver.  Pets are not permitted at this event.  Please leave them at home.
  6. What are the fuel options at COTA or in the general area?  Where are the nearest gas stations for fuel not (delivered) at the track?  What stations are there and how far away are they?  COTA has 93 octane but it is expensive. There is a gas station in front of the track but it will probably run out of 93 from what we are told.  There are gas stations at 812 and 183 (about 3 miles west of the track) that has gas available.
  7. What are the food options at COTA?  Any concessions open at the track?  What are the area restaurants where drivers can get lunch and where are they?  Concessions will be open at the track, but bring lots of money.  There aren’t many restaurants in the area. Wild Bubba’s Wild Game restaurant is about a mile east of the track on 812 (serves wild game burgers). There is a subway at the Texaco at 812 and 183 (about 3 miles west of the track on 812).
  8. When can Saturday or Sunday students access the facility?  If they have a garage when can they unload and move in?  The gates open for students at 6 to 9pm on Friday and again at 6:30am Saturday and again Sunday. The BMW waiver must be signed to get in and it will not be available at all times.  If you have signed the BMW waiver and have the proper wrist band, you can access the facility 24 hours/day.
  9. Can I take a rider out on the track at-speed?  Only registered instructors may take riders out on the track at-speed.  No riders other than registered instructors are permitted in student vehicles on the track at-speed for any reason.  Riders must be 16 years old or older and must be a minimum of 4′ 9″ tall. and must have signed the waiver form(s) as described above for visitors, and be wearing the waiver wristbands.  No riders are permitted in the rear seat of any car on-track at-speed.  Passengers are required to wear a proper fitting helmet that complies with the SNELL 2005 or newer requirement for participants.
  10. Can I bring my own personal coach/instructor to this event and can he/she ride with me?  You can bring guests to the track; but as far as riding along with a student, refer to question #9 above.
  11. Can I request my favorite instructor, or one that I have had before?  NO.  All of our instructors have years of experience and their qualifications have been reviewed by our Chief Driving Instructor(s) before being approved.  With 100 instructors and 150 students per day there is no way we can effectively reserve instructors for specific students.  Our CDI(s) do try to assign instructors to students based on similar cars, FWD vs RWD etc.  You will get an outstanding instructor no matter what, and we’ve also found that working with different instructors always provides better learning as they may observe and help you work on things that others may not have.
  12. If I rented a garage space for one day but not the very next day can I leave my car in the garage overnight?  
    If you don’t have a garage space reserved in the same garage for the next day, please vacate the garage by 6:00pm so that the next occupant can move in that evening or early the next morning.  There is plenty of parking in the paddock behind the garages for you to park your car and all of your track stuff overnight.
  13. I have numbers on/for my car already.  Can I ask you to reserve my numbers for the event?  You can ask, but there is no guarantee that you will get those numbers.  We provide adhesive vinyl ASSIGNED NUMBERS for every driver and instructor.  And for this event the color of the vinyl numbers will be different depending on which run group you are assigned to.  There is more work than we have the time to analyze and deconflict requested numbers.  Since we have students and instructors who may be attending 1,2 or 3 days of the event, and with instructors being divided into two separate run groups. preferred numbers are just not feasible for us to work out and set aside.
  14. If have a friend or visitor coming to visit me at the track, how do they get in?  Please refer to the information on the Entry and Parking page on this site.
  15. Something came up and I can’t make it.  Can I get a refund?
    Cancellations must be done by emailing the registrar at Cancellations received before the cancellation date (October 11th, 2016 at 11:59 PM) will be charged $100.00 per driver – no exceptions and no matter how many days have been registered. Garage cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee of $25/space/day before October 11th, 2016. Our event policy is that there are absolutely NO refunds for cancellations requested on or after October 11th, 2016.