Here are the details for higher-octane race fuel for the BMW Club Race on the weekend of March 20-22nd, 2015.

COTA does not sell race gas.  You need to bring it or buy it ahead of time and have it delivered to the track.

We’ve had luck in the past with Bobby and Vicky Tomastik at: Bobby will take your order via email and deliver your drums to the track. They sell Sunoco products and primarily will bring 55 gal drums to the track and put them the container next to the pumps at the “fuel farm” up on the hill at COTA. Smaller sized containers are generally not available.

If you are comfortable giving your credit card in the email then he will confirm back via email you are good to go.  If you are not comfortable giving your credit card info in an email, let him know that he’ll call you back.

The price this year has gone down to $475 per 55 gal drum.  He is willing to do this without a drum deposit but he expects the empty drums will be put back in the container at the fuel farm.  He is also willing to provide a pump for free to each team that needs one.  Don’t abuse this offer please (1 per team – not per drum – and only if you need one).

He can be reached at:

Bobby Tomastik
If you email him, always include your phone number.