The number one thing that can make or break an event of this magnitude is having a great staff to run it. Key members from Lone Star, Houston, and Tejas have been working tirelessly to make the Texas Trifecta happen, but we need your help to pull it across the finish line. We need volunteers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to come out and help make sure everything is running like clockwork.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, may consist of:

  • Gate workers – check people in when they arrive, get waivers signed, hand out wristbands, and direct traffic
  • Water detail – distribute 6,000 bottles of water over three days to keep everyone hydrated
  • Track operations – get people on and off the track safely, and on schedule
  • Miscellaneous – anything else that comes up!

If you’re  a morning person, helping us with the gate is the job for you! We will be there before 7am each day to let participants in, and we need help keeping the traffic flowing smoothly.

If you’d like to help us out, please keep an eye on this website.  We will publish a volunteer registration link 30-45 days before this event begins.